So you’re a bookie thinking of outsourcing your business to a per head sportsbook. Maybe you’ve heard from other bookies about how worth your while and profitable it is to do so or maybe you’ve just been reading about per head sites online and your interest is piqued. Either way, you’re interested but not exactly sure where to start with the whole thing. What do you do?

The old saying that knowledge is power is never more important when it comes to your livelihood and your business. You need to know and understand exactly what you’re getting into, no matter what line of work you’re in, so the first thing that you really need to know about Pay Per Head is exactly what it is. You need to understand exactly why bookies like yourself use Pay Per Head services and what those services bring to the table for them. Once you know the point of PPH, then you can start the next step of finding the right PPH service for you. But first things first. Start by looking up Pay Per Head services online. Google it. Learn that the basic tenet of Pay Per Head is that you, the bookie, outsource your work to the Pay Per Head company that you have hired. That means that you no longer have to take bets yourself or make yourself available to your clients, it means that you now have a professional team working for you to take your clients calls 24/7 through your own website. That’s the first, most basic thing to know about Pay Per Head.

Also know that your PPH company is NOT a bookie. You’re the bookie, they are just providing the manpower that you need in order to process the bets that your clients make. You still pay your clients when they win and keep their money when they lose.

The next thing you need to know before signing up for a PPH service is about billing. How does it work and how much do you pay? The clue is in the words “pay per head”. You literally do that. Your PPH service will bill you per client that makes a bet through them. That amount is usually pretty small, between $10 to $15 per client. If you have, say, twenty regular clients who make bets with you, and in one week they all bet, if your PPH Service charges $10 per client, you’ll be billed $200. If the next week only five bet, that’s $50 that you’ll be billed. It works like that and that’s how they make their money. You’ll never need to split winnings with your PPH service.

These are really the most important basics to know. Once you understand this, you can start to look at specific companies and what they can do for you. There are plenty out there and they all fit differently. You might want a 24/7 operation. You might want the latest software and snazzy looking site. But all this comes along only after you understand exactly what you’re signing up for when you start to work with a PPH service.

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