® Pay per Head offshore services is an outsourcing contact center located in Costa Rica, a preferred location for business outsourcing services in the world. At® we aim to provide high quality customer support, secure betting environments and the best betting features like in-game live betting.

Our bookmakers and their players can bet live on all major sporting events and sports 24/7/365. This is one of the best online pay per head features available as part of the services provided by® Pay per Head as we understand how important it is for a player to be able to wager during the action of a game is still on.

At® Pay per Head players are able to bet live on sports like: MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL, NCAA football and basketball, Tennis tournaments, MMA, MLS, Golf, Soccer events (World Cup & EuroCup) and 80+ sporting leagues.

The online gaming industry keeps growing and evolving and many online bookmakers are making sure to get the best services for their customers, but at the same time offer on-going entertainment, safe betting and top-class customer and wagering support.® Pay per Head live betting is a definite plus and a great benefit to our bookmakers and more and more agents add it as an extra on their pay per head package option as a complement to their bookmaking online business.

Additionally, at® Pay per Head we offer our bookmakers the ability to manage and monitor their own betting lines at all times. This is also a premium feature of our pay per head services. Our bookmakers can access and make changes to their accounts and their players profiles at any time of the day and from anywhere in the world.® Pay per Head online solution is the right bookmaking choice to expand your betting business, provide quality services to your players while increasing your bookmaking revenue within days. Be sure to get in touch with our staff for more details on how to get set up.

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