Online bookies can increase revenue by promoting the online casino. There’s no better time to do this. Most sports bettors don’t play MLB games as much as they play football games. The NBA Playoffs is going on, but agents aren’t likely to see a ton of action arrive from NBA Playoff betting.

How, though, do bookies increase revenue from the online casino? The key is leveraging great online casino software.

What Makes Great PPH Casino Software Powerful?

A big question is what makes some per head casino software powerful at driving casino betting action while other per head casino software not as effective? See below for some features of the very best per head casino software.

Live casino/dealer – Many casino players are hesitant to play in a live casino. Those same players also prefer to play with live dealers. The per head company offers a live casino to its agents.

Ease of placing casino wagers – Playing in the casino isn’t enough. If it’s difficult for casino players to make bets, agents are doing themselves a disservice. The best way to understand ease of use is for agents to test the casino software themselves.

Variation when it comes to minimums – It’s important to offer options when it comes to minimums. Casual players are almost always going to run to the $1 blackjack table, as an example, whereas professional blackjack players sit down at the $10 or higher table.

How Do Per Head Agents Leverage Casino Software?

Minimums are the most important aspect of promoting the online casino. At $1, it makes it easy for the most casual sports bettor to play a few hands of blackjack. But, at $10, promoting blackjack to casual sports bettors becomes difficult.

The best way to leverage per head casino software is to promote how easy it is, and cost-effective, for most of your players to make wagers in the casino. Before writing this off as a waste of your time, think about it this way:

What if you have 20 players and they spend $10 bucks each in the casino per week? That’s $200 per week and $800 per month. It comes out to $9,600 per year. Promoting the casino is definitely worth your time!

Right now, the pay per head company is offering a 3-Week Free Trial. Make sure to call 888-978-0688 for specifics.