The 2017 NFL Divisional Playoff games are this weekend. On Saturday, Seattle travels to Atlanta as a dog while Houston takes on New England as a huge road dog. Then on Sunday, Kansas City hosts Pittsburgh and Dallas hosts Green Bay. Check out below for pay per head agent tips on how to promote this weekend’s NFL Divisional Playoffs.

Promote an NFL Divisional Playoff Contest

There are four NFL Divisional Playoff games this weekend. That’s plenty of games in which to promote a contest. The best contest promotions should do with free betting credits. For example, a per head agent could say that they’ll add a $400 free betting credit to the player that wins the most straight bets and prop bets on NFL Divisional Playoff games at wagers of $25 or more. $25 bet on 4 games equals $100. Depending on how many players wager through your business, you could turn a huge profit for just offering a $400 betting credit.

Turn on Live Betting

Live betting is guaranteed to increase action on NFL Divisional Playoff games. All 4 games will be nationally televised. All 4 games include popular teams that football handicappers throughout the nation know. All 4 games are during the weekend.

The easiest way to turn on live betting is to use the mass editing tool to turn it on for all your players. Pay per head agents should already be taking advantage of live betting to ensure action on all nationally televised games. When it comes to the NFL Divisional Playoffs, it’s even more important that live betting is available to players.

Promote Live Betting for all NFL Divisional Playoff Games

Once you’ve turned on live betting on NFL Divisional Playoff games, don’t just stop there. Promoting the fact that your players can bet on the games while they’re being played is the best way to pump up action on those NFL Divisional games. Most of an online bookie agent’s players will watch all 4 of the NFL Divisional Playoff games. Send emails and text messages periodically throughout all 4 games reminding players that they can make wagers while the games are being played.

The 2017 NFL Divisional Playoffs are this weekend. Per head agents should promote action on all 4 games. A PPH rep can answer any questions at 888-978-0688.