Running a per head bookie business is hard work. That’s why it’s important for all bookmakers to jump start their online bookie businesses by grabbing as many deals when they can. If the deal involves cash, even better!

Right now, Bettors Net is offering up to 35% cash back on initial deposits. This offer is exclusive to bookies that become online bookie agents. Below, check out the specs about this cash back deal.

Up to 35% Bettors Net Cash Back Deal Specifics

Any initial deposits, regardless of amount, receives a 25% cash back. It’s to the bookie’s benefit to switch to becoming a pay per head agent as it is. Bookies that aren’t pay per head agents can’t access certain tools that give them an advantage over traditional bookmakers. Some of those tools are:

Layoff account – Lay off money wagered on over bet teams.

Settle alert tool – Allows agents to create a pre-settle. Pre-settles ping agents when they must collect or pay out a player.

Bet alert tool – For Bettors Net per head agents, the bet alert tool is fairly new. It allows agents to set up bet alerts. Agents are pinged if a wager is made that follows whatever bet alert rules have been set up. The bet alert tool helps agents know when to utilize some of the other tools.

Hold percentage report – This report provides a breakdown of activity by sport, sport league, player, and bet type. What makes this report so powerful is that bookmakers can run two data subsets at a time.

Line mover – Sure, per head agents must sign up for Bettors Net’s Premium Plan to access the line mover. Still, a line mover can be incredibly powerful because it allows agents to set betting lines based on the action in their sportsbooks. They aren’t beholden to the lines that Las Vegas sportsbooks set.

How Agents Acquire the Full 35% Bettors Net Cash Back

The way for agents to acquire the full 35% Bettors Net cash back on their initial deposit is to do two things. First, the bookie that wishes to become an online bookie agent must make their initial deposit in either Bitcoin or Ethereum. All Bitcoin or Ethereum initial deposits yield 5% cash back. Second, agents must make the initial deposit within 24-hours of opening a Bettors Net account.

Remember, for Bettors Net’s premium plan the cost per head is $13. For the basic plan, the cost is $10 per head. Call a Bettors Net rep at 888-978-0688 with any questions.