It’s almost summer, which means that sports bettors are about to find their choices severely lacking. The NBA Playoffs is already in their conference semifinal round. Football won’t start until mid to late August. Only a handful of sports bettors like to wager on baseball.

What are sports bettors to do? A sports bettor’s frustration could be a pay per head agents shining light. There’s no doubt that getting sports bettors to play in the online casino is much easier to do during the summer months.

But, to do that agents must leverage excellent PPH online casino software.

Summer is the Perfect Time to Market Online Casino

It’s first important to understand why the summer months is the perfect time to market the online casino. During the summer, players are often out and about. They don’t spend as much time at home, which is why NFL ratings are always higher for teams located in cold regions.

Mobile players are still players. What it means is that even though players, pro and casual, are on the go, they’re still looking to possibly play something to pass the time. The online casino is the perfect distraction for players hanging around at the local pub, barely watching the day’s baseball game, chatting with their friends.

What Makes Great Per Head Casino Software?

Pay per head software must be great for an agent’s players. There must be several different types of games. Not only that, it’s important that low minimums, $1 for a hand of blackjack as an example, is available to players along with high-stakes games. Players must also be able to play through their mobile devices.

It also helps if live dealers are available in the online casino. Professional casino players almost always prefer to wager with a live dealer. Casual casino players are likely to see live dealers as an added benefit.

For agents, great PPH online casino software allows agents to efficiently manage their businesses. online casino software, as an example, offers a 90-day video archive. The video archive allows agents to quickly verify every hand wagered as well as eliminate unpaid claims.

Features like Bettorsnet’s 90-day video archive are the type of features that online bookie agents should look for in PPH sportsbook online casino software. Bettorsnet is currently offering a 3-Week Free Trial. Agents can utilize the online casino software and check it out for themselves. Call 888-978-0688 with questions.