There are some other pay per head options in the sports betting industry, but® Pay per Head has more than two decades of gambling background which makes us the industry pioneers providing the best quality online services.

Our solution ensures a solid and secure betting environmentsfor the players and online bookmakers. Our headquarters are fully equipped and we are located in Costa Rica, basically the best place to outsource highly specialized and trained technical support experts and we guarantee our bookmakers online success within just a few days of joining our service.® Pay per Head provides local online bookmakers with many advantages to ensure a business financial growth:

  • Sharpest lines managed by a team of professionals
  • Live in-game betting action
  • 24/7 Mobile betting platforms
  • Risk management professionals
  • Package prices starting at low prices
  • Broadest sports offerings
  • Multilingual sports and horse racing clerks
  • High-tech gaming call center in the hub of the Americas
  • Widest horse betting selection

Additionally, at® Pay per Head services we ensure our security levels on every transaction whether it is making online deposits or placing wagers, accessing reports, reviewing lines or checking scores. Our technical team works non-stop on improving all safety measures and strengthening the confidentiality of the sports betting players and proper accessibility on the bookmakers’ end.

One of the top benefits at® is the fact our bookmakers can access and handle their accounts and their players´betting accounts directly from their mobile devices is one of the greatest advantages they have. There is no need to get to a computer or be in just one place. Bookmakers are able to connect at any time of the day, from anywhere in the world

At® Pay per Head online solution bookmakers find the right place to grow their betting business for as low as $5 per players. We assist our bookmakers by providing the most professional bookmaking solution that includes an extensive sports offering, top technology advantages, live in-game action and much more. Join our services today and start enjoying the best pay per head solution in the industry.

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