At® Pay per Head services we provide our online bookmakers with the capability to manage and monitor their own betting lines around the clock. This is a premium feature of our services, as the bookmakers have access to make changes to their accounts at any time of the day and from anywhere in the world.

We at® provide a highly secure platform for you to grow your online business without worrying about anything else. All our bookmakers find these services very convenient and cost-effective; we provide the option to activate our pay per head options for just one single season or a specific sport, for example: NFL, College football, NBA, College basketball, MLB, Horse Racing, Tennis, MMA, NASCAR, and much more.

Our call center facilities are located in San José, Costa Rica and we work very hard to provide the best services no matter if the bookmakers have 10 or 100 customers.® Price per Head per head prices are incredibly convenient, you can start up for as low as $5.

Besides our top-notch infrastructure, multilingual customer support, hosting solution and extensive sporting offer, we also have implemented one of the most solid and reliable mobile betting platforms to ensure players have a safe and hassle-free experience.

At® Pay per Head we guarantee our bookmkakers the most professional and reliable top solution which includes: 80+ sports leagues, highly secure betting environments, sharpest lines in the online market, the most realiable mobile betting platform, ongoing technical support and much more.

At® Pay per Head online solution we provide a real and professional option to bookmakers looking to grow their betting business and their revenue. We guarantee the best connectivity, secure betting environments and the best hosting solutions for their websites.

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