Once a pay per head agent becomes a master agent, the main goal changes. It’s no longer in the best interest of the master agent to maintain his or her business. It is in the best interest of the master agent to grow his or her business.

How does a mater agent grow his or her business? There are several ways. One of the best ways is to grow the business by hiring subagents.

What Are Subagents?

The definition of a subagent is simply an individual that tends to the day-to-day running of an online bookie business while the master agents consider ways of growing the business. The definition of subagents isn’t much more than that.

It’s important to know that just hiring subagents to run the day-to-day operations of a master agent’s business won’t lead to much growth. Subagents that only run the day-to-day aren’t much different than any operations manager.

To get the most out of subagents, master agents must hire subagents that help expand the business. Since growth is the key to any per head master agent’s business, it’s imperative that subagents bring something to the table.

How Subagents Can Help Expand Your Business

There are several ways subagents can help expand a master agent’s business. Every way depends on the subagent hired. That’s why it’s important for all master agents to do their due diligence on any potential subagent. Okay, on to the ways subagents can help master agents expand their businesses.

Subagents that bring their own book of business – Most luxury items sales people will tell you that their best asset is their book of business. That’s why a Mercedes-Benz dealership will hire sales people away from a different Mercedes-Benz dealership. When a sales person has his or her own book of business, that sales person has power.

Master agents should consider only working with subagents that already have their book of business. A subagent with his or her own book of business brings instant growth to a master agent’s business.

Subagents with great marketing skills – Subagents with great marketing skills can help online bookie master agents grow their businesses. Never underestimate the power of a fantastic email blast.

Subagents with great customer service skills – Subagents with great customer service skills help master agents grow their businesses by keeping current clients happy. When current clients are happy, they’re more likely to talk about the master agent’s business. Word of mouth marketing is still the most powerful type of marketing.

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