Bet on Boxing Fights

Bet on Boxing Fights


For those sports enthusiasts interested in boxing, we are sure you have followed very closely the latest happenings on whether the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight will take place or not and this past weekend it appeared the highly anticipated showdown between these two boxers got a bit closer to going from rumor to reality, as a report out of England stated a contract had been agreed to by both sides.

“No, that’s not true,” Mayweather said of an agreement being reached, per ESPN. “Um, I haven’t signed yet, and he hasn’t signed yet, you know. “It’s just been speculations and rumors. But hopefully we can make the fight happen.”

Just a few days ago, promoter Bob Arum, who represents Pacquiao, told the Associated Press that HBO and Showtime had agreed on how they would broadcast the fight, which left only a few more hurdles to go in the negotiations. However, shortly after Arum made his statement, Showtime executive vice president Stephen Espinoza fired back saying, “It’s a bit premature to say that the networks are in total agreement.”

For every positive report or rumor that pops up in regard to a potential fight between the popular boxers, another negative one seems to surface as well, which continues to put a damper on the hopes of fight fans everywhere that this showdown will happen. source:

Believe it or not, as the boxers kept their private negotiations the richest match-up in boxing history between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao has finally been agreed after years of haggling.

A source close to the Filipino boxer and congressman revealed to The Sunday Telegraph that Pacquiao completed his contractual agreements on Saturday and that Mayweather is set to sign and will announce the contest which is expected to be worth $250 million (£162 million) in the coming days.

Mayweather was in New York on Friday, buying hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewellery, and there are indications that the unbeaten American boxer could even decide to announce the superfight officially at the NBA All-Star Game tip-off, which takes place on Sunday at Madison Square Garden.

Manny has 100 per cent signed his side of the deal,” the source told Telegraph Sport. “It is now over to Mayweather to close the deal and announce the fight.” Pacquiao himself revealed Friday that he has started training in General Santos City, Philippines for his next fight.

Mayweather has had his last 10 fights there, while Pacquiao has had five of his past seven bouts there. The fight the world has waited for, on and off for almost six years, now looks set to take place at the M GM Grand on May 2, although it is believed that there are two other dates on the table. source:

Here is a video on the latest news about the Mayweather and Pacquiao Fight:

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