The Miami Heat had a great closure for the first round against the Milwaukee Bucks as they had their fourth consecutive victory with a final score of 88-77.

On a great game that was taken place in Miami, the Heat once again demonstrated why they are the defending champion. With this victory, Miami assured a place on the second round of the playoffs were they will have confront the winner between the Chicago Bulls and the Brooklyn Nets; the Bulls are leading the round right now 3-1.

This fast victory, 4 games in a row, will give the Miami team some time to rest and hopefully will not break the momentum that the champions are having right now.

If the Bulls win their fourth game, on Monday, they will not play their first game against the Miami heat until the upcoming weekend. The predictions state the Bulls are favored at 1 ½ points with the team total points at 92 ½.

“We like what we were able to accomplish this series,” Le Bron James said after he was one of the players that contributed the most on winning this first round. “We get a chance to get rest because we took care of business. But our business is not done. We also have to keep our heads and not lose our rhythm with practice and preparation.”

Miami is looking to get to the NBA finals for the third consecutive year; in 2011 they got there but were defeated by the Dallas Mavericks 4 games against 2. In 2012 they came back and defeated the Oklahoma Thunder in 5 games.

For this season the Heat has a great winning streak of 27 games that started in February against the Toronto Raptors and lasted 52 days until they were defeated by the Chicago Bulls 101-97.

They are hoping to keep this momentum as they move to the second round of the playoffs and are looking to get to the finals for their second consecutive title.® Price per Head provides our agents with the most professional online solution for their sports betting players.

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