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MLB Games of the Week

MLB Games of the Week


The Major League Baseball or MLB is definitely the most followed summer sport in the United States, always full of action and excitement. Recently, we celebrated at the National Baseball Hall of Fame followed by this month´s Trade Deadline and this week’s games.

On Monday afternoon at Turner Field stadium in Atlanta, the Braves welcomed the San Diego Padres for a final score of 2 – 0 in favor of the Braves. Despite, the many efforts on the Padres´end and the Major League starting-pitching debut of 37-year-old Lefty, the sizzling July afternoon became a nightmare for the California team.

Here is a quick video on Jason Lane´s debut click here

Yanks vs Rangers

Yanks vs Rangers

source: MLB

So far in the season, this is the 16th time the Padres are unable to pull a win, they only had five hits during  the game, 2 by Yonder Alonso and one runner in scoring position the entire day.

On the other hand, this evening at the Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas the Rangers will be facing off the New York Yankees. Yank Brandon McCarthy who has been of great help to  reconstruct the Yankees rotation will be collaborating to draw even as visitors in Texas.

“It’s a nice feeling,” McCarthy said after his third start, and second win. “It’s the opposite of how I felt earlier this year, where I was a burden on my team. I was a guy that was holding things up. To come here and feel good about myself again, to contribute to a playoff race, is a great feeling.”

This evening Nick Martinez who is trying to win a spot in the rotation next season, will pitch for the Rangers and he says he needs to finish strong. “Show that I can pitch deep into ballgames, get myself out of some trouble, limit some big innings, continue to give my team a chance to win,” Martinez said. “Going into next year, I’m still going to have to prove myself. As long as I come back and learn from this year, and show that I’ve learned and am able to apply it, I think I’ll have a shot.”

The latest betting odds on tonight´s game stand at a money line of:

NY Yankees   -139

Texas    +129

And the spread at:

NY Yankees   -1.5 o -110u +100

Texas    -1.5 o -110u +100

Here is a quick video on the game´s latest predictions and other baseball news click here

Here is another MLB video for the 2014 baseball season click here

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