MLB Betting Action

MLB Betting Action

With the MLB regular season taking place right now and the MLB All-Star Game to be held this week…® Price per Head created a baseball trivia for you to enjoy with your friends!! Get ready and test your knowledge!

  1. Where was the first All-Star Game played in 1933?

  2. Who was named the first All-Star Game MVP in 1962?

  3. Who is the youngest player to start an All-Star Game?

  4. Who are the only pitchers to work five shutout innings in a single All-Star Game?

  5. What three players won the Home Run Derby, then homered in the All-Star Game that same year?

  6. Prior to Mark Fidrych in 1976, who was the only rookie pitcher to start an All-Star Game?

  7. Who are the only two All-Star Game MVPs to play for the losing team?

  8. What future Hall of Famer is the only player to strike out four times in an All-Star Game?

  9. Who is the only All-Star pitcher to record three victories?

  10. What four players have won multiple All-Star MVP awards?

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