The MLB Playoffs are just around the corner. It’s a good time to update online per head bookies about World Series Odds.

Chicago Cubs  +240

The Cubs have been the best team in baseball all season long. They haven’t won the World Series since 1908. Will the curse continue? Chicago has 3 legitimate aces in Jake Arrieta, Jon Lester, and Kyle Hendricks. They also have a dynamite bullpen, ranked 7th in MLB, to go along with great hitters. That makes them the team to beat.

From an online bookie’s perspective, there’s no doubt that the Cubs should continue to provide plenty of future betting action. The odds on the Cubs to win the World Series are already low. They’ll go lower once the playoffs actually start.

Texas Rangers +550

You have to like how the Rangers continue to garner attention in future books even though they are ranked 19th or worse in Major League Baseball in errors and strikeouts. The pitching staff is ranked 21st in Team WHIP at 1.38. Texas’s pitchers are ranked 24th in Team ERA at 4.44.

Once the real MLB future betting starts, Texas should end up as somewhat of a long shot to win the World Series. One of the greatest indicators of a team’s chances of winning the World Series is pitching. In addition to being ranked 24th in Team ERA, the Rangers’ bullpen is ranked 29th based on ERA.

Washington Nationals +550

The Nationals might be one of 2 teams, Boston is the other, where pay per head bookies might want to keep track of wagers to win the World Series. The Nationals have the second best bullpen in baseball based on the ERA of 3.28. They also have Daniel Murphy, who’s injured as of this writing. Murphy has to be healthy for this team to have any shot of winning the championship.

If the Cubs end the regular season on some kind of losing streak, Washington could end up at lower odds than +550. Per head agents must keep track of large bets on the Nationals and adjust odds accordingly.

Boston Red Sox +550

There is more optimism regarding Boston’s chances of winning the World Series late in September than there has been at any other time of the season. The reason for the optimism has everything to do with Boston’s pitching staff suddenly coming to life. All season long, the Red Sox have been great at the plate. But up until August 12 the jury was still out on pitcher free agent David Price. Price put it together on August 12. He hasn’t looked back. Price is 7-1 in his last 8 Red Sox starts. The Red Sox are 8 and 0 in Price’s last 8 starts.

Every year, Boston is a popular team to win the World Series. There’s a good chance that Boston ends up the favored American League team to win the World Series. Pay per head agents and online bookies need to make sure that max betting limits are in place.