The MLB was originally founded in 1869 and it is made of two leagues; the American League (AL) and the National League (NL). A total of 30 teams from both leagues compete during the regular MLB season for a total of 162 games each one.

Going back in time, we find some amazing World Series records. Here are the top 5 teams with the most titles: the Yankees 27, the Cardinals 11, the Athletics 9, Giants and Boston Red Sox with 7. Our current champions with 7 titles are the San Francisco Giants that are looking pretty strong for this year’s new run.® Price per Head services offers the online bookmakers and the sports betting players the right offshore price per head solution including great benefits such as: live in-game action, solid connectivity, sharp lines and risk management services, mobile betting platforms and high security standards for a low as $5 per head. Call today !!

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