MLB action with®

MLB action with®

After a great MLB All-Star Game at Citi Field on Tuesday, were the AL won the game with a score of 3-0, the season action will restart tonight with the following schedule:  Dodgers vs. Nationals, Rays vs. Blue Jays, Yankees vs. Red Sox, Phillies vs. Mets, Pirates vs. Reds, Orioles vs. Rangers, Braves vs. White Sox, Indians vs. Twins, Tigers vs. Royals, Marlins vs. Brewers, Mariners vs. Astros, Padres vs. Cardinals, Cubs vs. Rockies, Athletics vs. Angels and finally D-backs vs. Giants.

However, not counting with this action tonight, the Cardinals have pushed their way into the top spot of the MLB, leaving the Red Sox and division-rival Pirates back since last week.

On the other hand, the St. Louis having beating the Marlins and Astros before splitting a series with the Cubs last week, the Cardinals leads Pittsburgh by a game in the National League Central.

The top two teams, Red Sox and St. Louis in this week’s rankings each has the best record in their respective league, with the Cardinals owning the best record in the National League with a 57-36 and the American League’s Red Sox with a record of 58-39.

The Oakland A’s, who lead the AL West, clock in at third, while the Pirates fell from the second place to the fourth place this week. The Rangers and Braves stay in the same position at fifth and sixth, respectively. While the Tigers, Reds and Orioles round out this week’s top 10, and they’re followed by the Indians, D-backs, Yankees, Nationals and Dodgers.

Nevertheless, will see what the results will be tonight and all this weekend, changes may happen on the standings next week. Enjoy the games for this weekend MLB fans!

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