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Mobile betting application is definitely a technology break-through and a fantastic solution to those bookmakers that have been looking to offer a better service to the sports betting players as well as to expand their betting businesses.

Besides our top-notch infrastructure, multilingual customer support, hosting solution and extensive sporting offer, we also have implemented one of the most solid and reliable mobile betting platforms to ensure players have a safe and hassle-free experience.

Setting up your online bookmaking business is no easy task and there are many details to take care of in order to provide a high quality sports betting service to your customers no matter of the daily bookmaking tasks involved.

At® Pay per Head online solution we are a reliable and successful group of online gaming experts who work around the clock to offer a top quality bookmaking solution and contact center option with a great deal of benefits that will help your business’ stability and growth..® contact center solution is fully equipped with top-class technical infrastructure which is ready to deliver the best connectivity to all our sports betting agents’ web sites; while ensuring no download delays, variety of domain names, data storage, development environments, and tailored server configurations that provide full access 24/7/365. Don´t hesitate to contact us today for more details today!

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