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Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football

source: NFL

WEEK 2 of the NFL preseason wraps up tonight at the FedEx Field in Washington, as the pro football powerhouse the Washington Redskins welcome the Cleveland Browns. The Redskins first preseason opening game took place a week ago against New England Patriots with a final score of 23 – 6 favoring Washington.

Despite, New England´s drive to show a better performance their coach decided to put Brady to rest and his absence was certainly missed as the team did not seem to have control on the field. On the other hand, the Redskins seemed very organized, well-prepared after their training camp practices and ready to embrace the upcoming 2014-15 NFL regular season challenge.

Some of the Redskins most recent stats are as follow:

Zach HockerK100000210077.0
Aldrick RobinsonWR110101000066.0
Ted BolserTE100101000066.0
Kai ForbathK100000110044.0
source: CBS Sports Washington Redskins
source: CBS Sports Washington Resdskins

Washington´s training camp sessions at Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center in Richmond are complete and the management, the team and the Redskins fans are ready to move forward to the challenge ahead as things seem to be adjusting perfectly to have a great new season.

Browns @ Redskins

Browns @ Redskins

source: NFL

“Everything was first-class,” Gruden said. “The workers were great. The fans were excellent. We had no issues whatsoever. Hopefully they enjoyed themselves when they came here. Overall from a coaching standpoint – I said it before and I’ll say it again – what you want is a place that’s conducive for learning, a place where they can get better, get their needed treatment, and everything is provided here in a first-class fashion.”

The following is a quick video on the Redskins´latest football news click here to watch

Moreover, the Cleveland Browns first opening game was a disappointing loss to the Lions last week at 13 – 12 final score. Johnny Manziel entered the game as a backup in the middle of the second quarter. He couldn’t take his team to the end zone, but he looked poised while directing the offense. And Cleveland receiver Nate Burleson, who played in Detroit the last 4 seasons, also sat out this game.

”It was a good start,” he said. ”You have to start somewhere and set a foundation. I got my feet wet, got my first preseason game under my belt.”

Check out this video on the latest news on Cleveland Browns getting ready for the NFL season

Here is another Cleveland Browns video getting ready for this NFL football season

The most recent betting odds for tonight´s game stand at:

Cleveland Browns   +2.5  41.5o

Washington Redskins   -2.5   41.5u

And a predicted score of:

Cleveland Browns    16.4

Washington Redskins  13.7

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