With Super Bowl 52 about a week away, it’s important that online bookie agents take stock of the most important per head tools. Below, check out a list of the most important tools that agents must be aware of heading into Super Bowl Week.

Super Bowl 52:  Must Have Pay Per Head Tools

Line mover-Agents can only acquire the line mover via Bettors Net’s premium package. The line mover is already a must have for agents. The reason is because the current Super Bowl 52 against the spread line is Philadelphia -5. If agents don’t add or subtract half a point, they must refund all wagers should New England beat Philly by 5 points.

Make sure to acquire the line mover.

Mass editing tool-The mass editing tool allows agents to make mass edits to player profiles. This is especially important during Super Bowl 52 week. The Philadelphia Eagles are at +165 to beat the New England Patriots straight up. Use the mass editing tool to create Eagles money line max betting limits for every player.

Schedule limit override tool – Use the schedule limit override tool to slow down action on Super Bowl 52. You can also ensure you aren’t prone to pro player dumps by scheduling a limit override on Super Bowl betting about 2 hours before kick-off on Feb. 4.

Layoff account – The Super Bowl is the most bet upon sporting event of the year. It’s also routinely one of the most difficult to handicap because the team from the NFC played against different competition than the team from the AFC.

The truth is that most bettors, unless they’re just not being honest with themselves, aren’t 100% positive which way Super Bowl 52 will go. Can the Eagles cover as dogs? Will the Patriots cover as favorites?

Luckily, you aren’t a sports bettor. You are a pay per head agent. For you, the most important thing to know is that the vig, the 10%, is gold when it comes to the Super Bowl. I wouldn’t suggest any bookie shun his or her layoff account. Eagles vs Patriots could be one of the most competitive Super Bowls of all time. Or, the Patriots could swat the Eagles away before halftime.

Either way, utilizing the layoff account is necessary.

Bettors Net is offering its premium plan for $10 per head. Per head agents can only access the line mover via the premium plan. Call a Bettors Net rep at 888-978-0688 for details.