The National Basketball Association or NBA had its easy beginnings back in 1946/1947 in New York City. The league is one of the four most recognized sport franchises in the United States.

The NBA conferences are the Eastern and the Western and each one has 3 main divisions. The Eastern conference divisions are: Atlantic, Central and Southeast while the Western conference divisions are: Northwest, Pacific and Southwest and a total of 30 teams amongst all divisions.

This year’s NBA Playoffs action has been nerve-racking as we are approaching the finals. Last night at the American Airlines Arena in Florida defending champion Miami Heat welcomed the Pacers for a night full of edgy plays, rebounds, assists, and a game-high 30-points for LeBron James.

For those NBA betting enthusiasts the final score was on Miami´s account by just one point at 103 and Pacers 102. Miami now leads the Series 1 – 0.

Check out this all basketball trivia and test your NBA history skills

  • How is the NBA Championship trophy called?
  • Which is the first team to join the Atlantic division of the Eastern Conference?
  • What is the name of Utah Jazz home arena?
  • How many championship titles do the Lakers have?
  • What is the hometown of the Southwest Division Pelicans?
  • What year did the Toronto Raptors join the NBA?

This evening there is no hoops action scheduled, but the Playoffs continue on Friday when the Indiana Pacers meet the Miami Heat for Game 2. The weekend opens up with the game between the Spurs and the Grizzlies at 9pm ET.

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