This week has been a very busy week for NBA and NHL who are playing their respective playoffs; additionally and closing the week we will have our second event for the Triple Crown, the Preakness Stakes that will take place at Belmont Park and that most of horse betting players are desperately waiting for.

For the NBA respectively for east and west, we have a defined situation between the Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls, on which the Heat lead the series 4-1 and left the Chicago Bulls aside to advance to the Eastern Conference finals that will start next week. Miami looks like the favorite to win the conference finals against either New York or Indiana, Indiana is leading the series 3-2 and will try to maintain the leadership winning next game that would be held in Indiana on Saturday.

Sports betting odds are placing the Miami Heat as favorite against either New York or Indiana; between those two the favorite is Indiana who will be hosting the game on Saturday.

On the West Conference, Memphis has a ticket already for the Conference finals as they defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder 4 games to 1; they will face either San Antonio Spurs or the Golden State Warriors. San Antonio is leading 3-2 the series and are favorite to win game 6.

San Antonio is favorite on the NBA betting odds -2, and will try to end up the series on game 6 to face the Memphis Grizzlies for the conference finals.

For NHL the history is different, for the eastern conference we have the New York Rangers against the Boston Bruins, on which Boston won in overtime on game 1. Boston was favorite -147 on the NHL betting odds. San Jose is playing Los Angeles on 5/16 on which Los Angeles is favorite -143.

The West Conference will be disputed by the Ottawa and Pittsburgh on which Pittsburgh looks like favorite on the sports betting odds -191 and Chicago against the Detroit Redwings, Chicago is already leading the series and it is favorite for the next game -215.

The last event on the week will be the Preakness Stakes, that will be held at Belmont Park and for which the favorite to win the race is Orbit. Orbit is coming from winning the Kentucky Derby that was held 2 weeks ago and it’s trying to become the first horse on winning the Triple Crown since Affirmed in 1978.

Orbit has become an even-money favorite horse to win the Preakness. The brown colt is looking for his sixth straight victory; he won the Derby by 2½ lengths, so he remains the horse to beat.

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