With a 2012-2013 NBA season almost behind us, the NBA playoffs start to unveil the teams that are securing spots.

For example, the Boston Celtics with a W-L record of 40-37and they currently rank 5th in opponent field-goal percentage and 6th in opponent points-per-shot. No one doubts their ability to score extra points when Paul Pierce hits the floor so we feel confident the Celtics could lock a place and be one of those dangerous teams to look out for.

Another team to keep a close eye on is the Golden State Warriors that rank 4th in the NBA in opponent field-goal percentage and 10th in opponent points-per-shot despite many believing they did not have what it takes to compete with caliber opponents.

Lastly, but no least important is the most offensive team in the NBA the Houston Rockets. Currently, they hold a W-L record of 44-34 and a key statistic percentage of 462 FG. A very strong asset and extremely important fact in the team´s success is shooting guard James Harden who doesn´t only shoot the ball, but he can score and facilitate.

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