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2014 NBA Finals

2014 NBA Finals


This evening the city of San Antonio welcomes the Miami Heat for Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Just hours away from the first clash the Western and Eastern conference champions, the Spurs and the Heat prepare to meet one more time in the finals.

Many hoops experts predict Miami could win the finals if the Heat is able to contain players like: Tony Parker and Tim Duncan, while keeping a steady focus and aggression on the defensive end.

In like manner, they hope Lebron James does not take a few games to get a hold of his grip as it happened during the playoffs and also that his teammate Dwyane Wade can keep up being an efficient scorer for 7 more games.

“My legacy will speak for itself after I’m done playing,” Lebron James said. “It’s something I can’t control. I worry about what I can control, and that’s how I approach the game on and off the floor, every single day.”

On the Spurs’ end, the predictions bet on Tony Parker keeping healthy through the finals and playing at or above 80 percent capacity and for Manu to continue being a power force. These facts along with the Spurs’ offensive flexibility on scheme options should help San Antonio knock down Miami.

This year’s NBA Finals come with an extra ingredient – the revenge factor as these two teams met last time in similar conditions for the championship title and the Spurs lost to the Heat, despite having a better season and a more qualified roster.  Furthermore, as of now the predictions are divided 50% for each team, but it is very like we will enjoy no less than 7 games.

Here are a couple of videos on what to expect for this evening game between Miami and San Antonio

And here is another video about tonight’s game

Miami Heat vs San Antonio Spurs

Miami Heat vs San Antonio Spurs


The following are some of the latest betting odds on this evening clash:

San Antonio Spurs   -2.5 o -105u -105

Miami Heat   +2.5  o -105u -105

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