Yesterday’s score for the Knicks playing the Celtics was Celtics 102-96.  However, it was probably more relevant the incident that took place between Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Garnett than the score itself.  Anthony mentioned that he had lost it after Garnett said things that a man shouldn’t say to “another man”.

Last night Anthony waited for Garnett outside the team’s bus to sort things out.  Anthony was upset because he felt that they both crossed the line; yet, they talked about it and handled it the way it should be handled: behind closed doors.  There’s no need to make a big deal out of it and to make it public, were Anthony’s words.

Even though the situation seemed to be managed right at the moment, the NBA is carrying out an investigation and looking at the videos they have to see if there is some evidence.  If that is the case, the NBA will decide, based on that evidence, if Anthony should be penalized.

In the last minutes of the game, both players received technical fouls after some physical play happened after going back and forth from the baseline to the middle of the court.  Anthony accepted today that he reacted to what Garnett told him, but also that what happened is now in the past for him.

Knicks’ coach, Mike Woodson said that they sat together and talked about the incident.  Woodson commented that Anthony likes to win and he’s been enjoying the taste of victory; still, he cannot slip like he did at the game last night.

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