Despite the fact, this is Super Bowl 2013 weekend and most eyes are on the coming NFL action, we just cannot leave out what a great winning-streak are the San Antonio Spurs of the Western conference having.

During the current season, the Spurs have won 38 times of which they have managed to win 10 consecutive games in a row. This outstanding performance puts then at the very top of their Southwest (Western conference) standings above teams like: Memphis Grizzlies, Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks and New Orleans Hornets.

Last night during their final home game, San Antonio achieved their most recent win against the Washington Wizards for a final score of 96-86. Since the beginning of the game, we could see how the rotating defense and ball approaches of the Spurs dominated the game entirely.

For the coming NBA games, the Spurs will be on their “Rodeo Road Trip” as they play 9 consecutive road games.

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