A NCAA football trivia is a fun activity that you can do with your friends and it is s a way to prove your knowledge on interesting facts in the college football history, BettorsNet.com® Price per head welcomes you to have lots of fun!

  1. What is San Diego State’s nickname?

  2. Which of the four major bowls is the oldest?

  3. What school has won the most National Championships in college football?

  4. Who is known as the “Father of American Football” ?

  5. From what yard-line are two point conversions attempted?

  6. What was the first bowl game and in what year was it held?

  7. What is the longest winning streak in college football history?

  8. What is the longest losing streak?

  9. Who was the only member of the College Football Hall of Fame to receive an Oscar?

  10. What school was the first Bowl Championship Series (BCS) football champion?

  11. What game was the predecessor to the Orange Bowl?

  12. How many Heisman winners have entered the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

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