2013 NFL Season Rumors

2013 NFL Season Rumors


There is some current news happening in the NFL. Here are some rumor mills and contract news.

Victor Cruz and the New York Giants have agreed on a long-term deal. Cruz will earn $43 million on a five-year extension that will be supplementary to his current one-year, $2.879 million. That would make the entire deal a six-year, $45.879 million contract.

As well, Ryan Clady and the Denver Broncos agreed Monday to improve the offer. Some said the Broncos improved their five-year, $50 million proposal from a year ago.  The proposal would make Clady either the NFL’s second-highest paid offensive lineman to Cleveland Browns left tackle Joe Thomas.

On the other hand, the 49ers and their first-round draft pick, Eric Reid, close a deal on a rookie contract Friday, meaning all 11 of the team’s draft picks is signed well in advance of training camp. Reid, a safety from LSU and the rest of the 49ers’ rookies will report to camp on July.



This month of July will be the start of the new season for every NFL’s team as the training camp is starting on the July 19th. Here are some previews expectations of some of the teams this season 2013-2014:

After an offseason full of change from the top down, including new coaches and quarterbacks, the Buffalo Bills will have a whole new look coming out of training camp. The quarterback position is the key change on the roster. Kevin Kolb and rookie first-round pick EJ Manuel will be battling this position.

Even though the potential of Ryan Tannehill and the signing of Mike Wallace may have the Dolphins enthusiastic, there is still work to be done for an offense and pass defense that were ranked 27th in the NFL last year.

On the England Patriots side, Wes Welker is gone. Rob Gronkowski is hurt. Aaron Hernandez is in jail. The Patriots’ offense will look very different this season, but Pat Kirwan says Tom Brady won’t let New England drop and Tom will still be leading one of the top scoring offenses in the NFL.

Last but not least the Ravens and Super Bowl champions enter camp with a newly-paid franchise quarterback and a new-look roster thanks to an offseason exodus.

There are a lot more team’s expectations but we will see them in action this 2013 season.



The NFL season is around the corner and teams are beginning their camps. However it may seem far too early to predict exactly what will happen in the months of January and February but that does not stop anyone from doing it anyway. And regardless of how early it may seem, the truth is, the season will be here before you know it.

So here are some of the seeding predictions for the AFC and NFC leagues on the playoffs:

AFC seeding: NFC seeding:

1. Denver Broncos 1. Green Bay Packers

2. New England Patriots 2. San Francisco 49ers

3. Houston Texans 3. Atlanta Falcons

4. Cincinnati Bengals 4. Washington Redskins

5. Indianapolis Colts 5. Seattle Seahawks

6. Miami Dolphins 6. New York Giants

There are a lot of expectations this NFL season, and the NFL’s 32 teams are hoping for the best for this training camp and the rest of the season. We will see what surprises will appear as the season starts!

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