So the Pro Bowl game is over and many NFL fans, players and the media continue to disagree about the future of this famous sporting event.

Despite a very interesting clash between the major NFL conferences and a final score of 65-32 in favor of the NFC conference, top players’ support of the Bowl is clearly thought as a reward for those who did not make it to the Super Bowl.

There were many points scored but the fans felt the game was not competitive enough to keep a large crowd interested and engaged with the overall action. This has certainly become a major concern to NFL officials, who will meet next April to decide what the next steps will be.

On the other hand, Minnesota tight end Kyle Rudolph, MVP Pro Bowl winner said the Pro Bowl game should be one of the people’s favorites,  ”That was the big emphasis this week, making sure that we were competitive and I think we showed that,” he said.® Price per Head services offers many great benefits to the bookmakers and their betting players:

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