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source: NFL

This Monday Night the action awaits at the LP Field in Tennessee as the Titans welcome the Pittsburgh Steelers. Even though, the Titans currently hold a negative record of 2-7, the team is in third position of the AF Conference and still have seven more games to go before things settle for the upcoming NFL playoffs.

The Titans have lost three consecutive games to the Redskins, the Texans and the Ravens and let´s not forget their BYE-WEEK  in between their losses. There is no doubt, it has been a tough month for Tennessee and they desperately need to shape up and pull a couple of victories for a spot in the Playoffs.

This will be the 77th all-time meeting between the former division rivals and top NFL experts state that a win against the Steelers would give the Titans 5 consecutive wins on Mondays plus it will improve their all-time Monday night record to 22-16.  They have not lost a Monday night contest since Nov. 19, 2007 at Denver, vanquishing the Indianapolis Colts (2008), Houston Texans (2009), Jacksonville Jaguars (2010) and New York Jets (2012) along the way.

These are a couple of videos on the Titans most recent action and a quick game preview for Monday Night action:



source: NFL

On the other hand, The Steelers find themselves in perhaps the NFL’s most heated divisional race.  Their 6-4 mark puts them in a tie with the Ravens for third place in the AFC North, and yet they are only a half game behind the 6-3 and first-place Cleveland Browns.  With the Cincinnati Bengals in second place at 5-3-1, the AFC North is the first division in which every team is at least two games above .500 at any point in the season since the 1935 NFL Western Division.

Here is a short interview to Steelers QB Roethlisberger on what his thoughts are for Monday Night game

The Steelers hold a 6-4 record with three consecutive wins over the Texans, the Colts and the Ravens. Pittsburgh has a pretty good chance to get in the Playoffs run and their fans will be thrilled to cheer up for them if they manage to lock a spot.

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Pittsburgh Steelers    -7  46o

Tennessee Titans    +7 46u

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