NFL Playoffs 2015

NFL Playoffs 2015


The second part of the NFL season has started while the road to Super Bowl XLIX unveils new action as a total of 12 teams remain in the race to win the Lombardi trophy. This coming Saturday, January 3rd the playoffs begin with two top clashes between NFC conference members – the Cardinals and the Panthers follow by a AFC game between Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers.

One of the latest news is on AFC’s leading rusher Pittsburgh running back Le’Veon Bell injured knee as recently he just had an MRI which it did not reveal anything serious so he will have to play through “considerable pain” in order to face the Ravens.

Here is a quick video on the latest news regarding Le´Veon and his current health status:

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger told Brown he remains hopeful Bell will play. “I know if there is a chance he can be out there he’s going to be,” Roethlisberger said, “because that’s how he is.”

“The Steelers will likely be without their leading rusher, Le’Veon Bell, on Saturday night, but this may be the one playoff matchup they can thrive in without him. Baltimore’s biggest weakness is its secondary, which means the Steelers can lean on quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and unrecoverable receiver Antonio Brown.”  source:

The latest betting odds on the AFC game stand at:

Baltimore Ravens   +3   46.5o

Pittsburgh Steelers -3  46.5u

NFL Playoffs Betting Action

NFL Playoffs Betting Action


On the other hand, for the fourth straight year, Cincinnati is in the playoffs. For the fourth straight year, the Bengals will try to win their first postseason game in over two decades. Cincinnati’s Week 17 setback against the Pittsburgh Steelers cost the team more than the AFC North title and the right to host a playoff game.

Rookie running back Jeremy Hill, who leads the NFL in rushing since Week 8, gives the Bengals a puncher’s chance, especially since Andrew Luck and the Colts can’t score without the ball. However, no team in the NFL had fewer sacks than the Bengals in 2014 (20). The most recent betting odds for this football event stand at:

Arizona Cardinals   +5.5   38o

Carolina Panthers    -5.5   38u

For the big plays Kelvin Benjamin gives the Panthers, the head-shaking drops still remain. Benjamin had two drops during Sunday’s 34-3 win against at Atlanta, and Panthers coach Ron Rivera admitted there’s a little concern that continues to happen so late into Benjamin’s rookie season. source:

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