Without a doubt, the question of the day is whether the NFL’s all-star game or Pro Bowl game will return next year. For as much as we could see before and after game-day, neither the league officials, the players and most importantly; the NFL fans are happy with the event.

NFL’s all-star game main purpose has always been to provide an opportunity to the best players of both conferences, NFC and AFC to play against each other and be able to obtain several prizes among which we have the MVP award.

Last Sunday’s Pro Bowl game in Honolulu, Hawaii could certainly be the last one as the overall performances were poor. The AFC players did not seem committed and just simply played very poorly, while the NFC just blew past their competitors for a final score of 62-35.

Many NFL sports betting fans argue the Pro Bowl is just not engaging enough for the players, as they do not get paid as much and there is the risk of getting injured and be out of the following regular season.  This is a very solid argument which needs to be taken into account before making a final decision on whether this event will continue or will be scratched out for good.

Here is a review of the past decade of Pro Bowl final scores:

Year 2012 – AFC 59, NFC 41
Year 2011 – NFC 55, AFC 41
Year 2010 – AFC 41, NFC 34
Year 2009 – NFC 30, AFC 21
Year 2008 – NFC 42, AFC 30
Year 2007 – AFC 31, AFC 28
Year 2006 – NFC 23, AFC 17
Year 2005 – AFC 38, NFC 27
Year 2004 – NFC 55, AFC 52
Year 2003 – AFC 45, NFC 20
Year 2002 – AFC 38, NFC 30

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