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source: NFL

The last game scheduled for this weekend of football action will be taking place at the Lucas Oil stadium in Indianapolis as the Colts host their next clash versus New England Patriots. The Colts hold a overall record of 6-3 and are in first position in their conference (AFC).

Indianapolis has good chances to lock a place in the Playoffs and a victory on Sunday will ensure that spot. For this reason, there is no doubt we will enjoy great football when the night wraps up as both teams will strive to obtain a well-deserved victory.

This game will have a huge impact on the AFC Playoffs. It’s almost a given that both teams will make the Playoffs (95% and 83%, respectively for the Colts and Patriots), so this will all be about seeding. The Colts can get themselves to a 50/50 shot at a First Round Bye with a win Sunday (which would mean only having to go to one of Denver/New England at worst), but would have just an 11% chance with a loss, which would mean going and winning in both places on back-to-back weekends, and only after winning a game before that. source:

It’s easy to look at Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck and say he’s on the path toward being the NFL’s best quarterback in due time. Colts quarterbacks coach Clyde Christensen told the Indianapolis Star that there are times when the coaches are frustrated to watch the obviously intellectually gifted Luck make plays that should be beneath him.

Luck said he has learned over his two-plus NFL seasons how defenses are trying to stop him, knowing now that he has a better chance of fighting what defenses are showing him. source:

The following is a quick preview on the upcoming game on the Colts vs. the Patriots:

Now, let´s take a look at the New England Patriots, the team currently holds a 7-2 record and enjoy a first position on their conference rankings. The Patriots come into Indianapolis on a five game winning streak, with the average score being 36-22. Their only close game in that stretch was a Thursday nighter against the Jets, where I’m sure they “took the night off” and squeaked a win out against a bad team.

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Here are the most recent betting odds for your entertainment:

New England Patriots    +2.5  57.5o

Indianapolis Colts   -2.5  57.5u

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