2014 NFL Preseason

2014 NFL Preseason

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The 2014 NFL Preseason games continue to delivering unprecedented action while unveiling many surprises we were not expecting. Here is a quick look at top professional football headlines:

Observation Deck: Pittsburgh Steelers:  Steelers coach Mike Tomlin suddenly has a lot more to worry about than his top two running backs facing citations for marijuana possession.

The Steelers’ third preseason game turned out about as well as the infamous car ride that landed Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount in trouble and in unflattering headlines a day earlier. The Steelers struggled in every aspect Thursday night at Lincoln Financial Field, and they were dominated when it mattered most in a 31-21 loss to the Eagles.

Observation Deck: Philadelphia Eagles:  Injuries can happen at any time to any player, and if the Philadelphia Eagles lose running back LeSean McCoy for an extended period their season would look a lot different without last season’s league leading rusher.

The better news, however, was that the Eagles did not change their plan. They ran the ball with Darren Sproles, one of their bigger offseason acquisitions, and Matthew Tucker in McCoy’s absence. They combined for 48 yards on 10 first-half carries, and Sproles had a 1-yard rushing touchdown. The Eagles finished with 182 yards on the ground.

Observation Deck: Redskins fall short in player rankings

The Redskins haven’t been represented by many players defensively and I don’t expect that to change. Ryan Kerrigan, at No. 67, is thus far the only Redskins’ defender on the list (ahead of linebackers such as San Francisco’s Ahmad Brooks). It represents a six-spot improvement for Kerrigan, coming off a season in which he started strong but finished slow (in part, perhaps, because of a knee injury that he refuses to say hurt his play).

Observation Deck: Cowboys break ground on new facility

The Cowboys made it official on Friday afternoon as owner Jerry Jones, along with family members and city officials from Frisco, broke ground on a new practice facility that is scheduled to open in the fall of 2016. Jones, who was joined by several family members and local government officials that included Frisco mayor Maher Maso, grabbed shovels and dug out some dirt on land covering 20 acres that will hold the Cowboys’ corporate headquarters, practice facilities, indoor football stadium, medical and retail shops.

“Frisco flu, boy we’ve got it,” Jerry Jones said.

“This project speaks for itself,” Maso said. “It’s everything Frisco. There are a lot of words to describe it.”

Observation Deck: For Dallas offense, lot to prove vs. Dolphins

The third preseason game is the one most like the regular season, but the Dallas Cowboys have not spent a ton of time game-planning for Saturday’s foe, the Miami Dolphins. Romo said there is a balance between working on specific things for the regular season and not showing too much to tip your hand before the games count. In two series of work against the Ravens, Romo completed four of five passes for 80 yards and had a touchdown to Bryant. His only incompletion was a drop by James Hanna.

NFL Preseason News

NFL Preseason News

source: http://www.stableytimes.com/

Observation Deck: Romo, Manning at #NFL Rank crossroads

In truth, there is very little to tie Eli Manning and Tony Romo together. One was the No. 1 overall pick, the other undrafted. One has won two Super Bowl MVP awards, the other has become the poster child for blowing it in big games. They play in the same division and are about the same age, but their stories are divergent.

Yet there they sit right next to each other, Romo at No. 61 and Manning at No. 62, on this year’s #NFLRank list (see chart, below right). And when you see it like that, you start to imagine where they’ll be on this list a year from now. It’s easy to realize that this is a pretty big season for both of these guys. For different reasons, each faces the question of whether he’s in decline.

Romo is 34 years old and has had back surgery twice in the past two years. He’s set up to produce big numbers as the quarterback of a Dallas Cowboys offense loaded with skill position weapons. For the first time in his career, it appears he has enough elite offensive line talent to protect him. Given the sorry state of the Cowboys’ defense, Romo is going to have the opportunity and responsibility to put up a lot of points.

So the question is whether he can, physically, or whether the back issues will continue to be a part of Romo’s story from here on out. If they are, the rest of the story likely gets a lot shorter and a lot more uncomfortable to watch.

source: http://espn.go.com/blog/

Here are some videos related to the latest NFL preseason headlines:




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