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2014 NFL Preseason Games

2014 NFL Preseason Games

source: NFL

Week 2 of the NFL Preseason continues on Friday August 16th at Gillette Stadium where the New England Patriots welcome the Philadelphia Eagles in the second football clash for both football teams.

The Patriots have two more games scheduled on August 22nd. against the Carolina Panthers and on August 28th at New York City where they will meet the NY Giants. New England´s first game versus the Washington Redskins did not go as planned and the team suffered a first loss to Washington for a final score of 23 – 6.

New England´s Coach Bill Belichick rested Brady, Darrelle Revis and most of his first-teamers, while Redskins Robert Griffin III completed 2 of 4 passes for 9 yards, and Alfred Morris ran for 27 yards in an 11-play drive that ended with a 39-yard field goal from Kai Forbath.

The following are some of the Patriots´team stats:

Roy FinchRB103155.070015.010133.3
Jonas GrayRB109121.350012.000111.1
James WhiteRB10492.36009.00000
Jimmy GaroppoloQB10199.09009.00000
Stephen HoustonRB10372.33007.01100
Shane VereenRB10177.07007.00000
Stevan RidleyRB11221.02002.00000
Ryan MallettQB11122.02002.00000
source: CBS Sports New England Patriots
source: CBS Sports Patriots

On the other hand, the Eagles first opening game against Chicago Bears was a real test for Philadelphia, but they were not able to pull a win over Chicago; the final score in favorite of the Bears 34 to 28. The Eagles second and third games are scheduled for the 21st. and 28th of August against Pittsburgh and NY Jets respectively.

2014 NFL Preseason

2014 NFL Preseason

source: NFL

Some of the team´s latest stats are as follow:

Matthew TuckerRB10200200001212.0
David FluellenRB100101000066.0
Josh HuffWR100011000066.0
Alex HeneryK100000040044.0
source: CBS Sports Philadelphia Eagles
source: CBS Sports Philadelphia Eagles

The most recent betting odds for the clash between the Eagles and the Patriots favorite New England with a spread at -2.5 46.5u and a predicted score of:

New England Patriots     29.3

Philadelphia Eagles   26.5

Click here for a quick video on the upcoming NFL 2014 preseason game and other news

The Eagles’ Cary Williams says he isn’t afraid of catching heat from the Patriots next week for his opinion that they are “cheaters.” “I don’t care,” he said, according to the News Journal. “That’s the whole point. I don’t care if they come after me or not. That doesn’t scare me. My mentality is I’ve never been a punk, never been a sissy, never been a guy that’s going to be a scared guy. I don’t play this game in fear at all. I don’t fear no man. As far as I’m concerned, you put your pants on as well as I put my pants on. We’re going to man up when we get there.”

Furthermore, the Mercedes-Benz Super dome will be the scenario of another great clash between New Orleans Saints and Tennessee Titans. Both teams won their NFL preseason game  openers. Check out this great video on the latest action of the NFL preseason click here

Here is another NFL preseason video 

The top betting odds for the New Orleans Saints and Tennessee Titans game on Friday night favorite the Saints with a point spread at -4.5 o -110u -110.

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