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2014 NFL Preseason Action

2014 NFL Preseason Action

source: ESPN Sports Calendar 

The Edward Jones Dome or Dome at America’s Center will be the scenario for another top NFL preseason game on Saturday´s evening as the Green Bay Packers arrive at St. Louis for a night to remember. The host team, the Rams will carry most of the pressure as the they lost their game opener last week to New Orleans Saints. The Packers also lost their first game, but the team has the luxury of coming as visitors so they should be quite cool.

Green Bay still two more preseason games to complete next week to the Raiders and the Chiefs on August 22nd, and 28th respectively. Some of the Packers´current stats include:

Rajion NealRB101001000066.0
James StarksRB111001000066.0
Mason CrosbyK100000110044.0
source: CBS Sports
source: CBS Sports

On the other hand, the St. Louis Rams´coming up games will be against the Cleveland Browns and the Miami Dolphins. The Rams´NFL regular season kick off game will be taking place on home grounds next September 7th versus Minnesota Vikings.

The Rams´injury report includes tight end Mason Brodine as last week he suffered a fractured ankle during the preseason opener against the Saints.

Taking into account that Green Bay has plenty of question marks for this game, but Aaron Rodgers is expected to start and get the majority of the work under center done, the Packers are considered the underdogs.

The most recent betting odds for the clash of these two professional football powerhouses are:

Green Bay + 3  (125)  41.5 over

St. Louis   -2.5  41.5 under

2014 NFL Preseason

2014 NFL Preseason

source:  ESPN

Here’s a video of the 2014 NFL preseason action latest news click here

Here’s another video with NFL 2014 preseason action

Furthermore,  that same evening the New York Giants will be meeting with the Colts. The Giants managed to eek out two close ones despite a depleted backfield and less-than-impressive performances from Eli Manning. While the Colts struggled in its opener, a 13-10 loss to the Jets. The betting odds favorite the Colts with a spread at -3 41.5 under.

While for the NY Jets and Cincinnati Bengals clash …The Bengals offense was clicking last week against the Chiefs, and we expect it to click again against the NY Jets team with a depleted secondary.

NFL Preseason WEEK 2

NFL Preseason WEEK 2

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