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There is no doubt, the Patriots have been one of the best NFL teams over the past 12 weeks of the regular season. The team currently holds a record of 8-2 and are in first position in their conference rankings.

On Sunday, the beautiful city of New England will be hosting their home team next game versus the Detroit Lions at the Gillette Stadium. The Patriots arrive on the field with six consecutive victories, first-class defense, and one of the best NFL quarterbacks in the leagues.

The following is a quick interview to Tom Brady on the upcoming match: http://www.patriots.com/media-center/videos/Brady-1119-We-have-to-meet-force-with-force/e09d23df-2c8a-47d8-94ff-f42bf85138a1

While the New England Patriots have achieved the best record in the AFC with an elite offense, the Detroit Lions find themselves in first place because of the NFL’s No.1 defense. The two teams will pit their contrasting styles against each other when they meet in Week 12.

The Patriots are playing as well as any team in the league, led by the conference’s top offense. Even the Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts haven’t matched New England’s 32.2 points per game average, which continues to increase during a six-game winning streak. In each of the last three games, the Patriots have scored at least 42 points.

On the other hand, Detroit has held every opponent to 24 points or less, but they haven’t scored more than 24 points since the season opener. The 31st ranked rushing attack has been the offense’s Achilles heel, and the Patriots thrive when opposing teams can’t run the ball. source: http://www.ibtimes.com/

This is one of the top betting choices for this weekend’s action:

Detroit Lions   +5.5  48  o -110

New England Patriots   -5.5   48 u- 110

Additionally, at the Ralph Wilson stadium the NY Jets will be meeting the Buffalo Bills. The Bills current hold a 5-5 overall record and the team continues its race to lock a place in the playoffs. But, the Jets are way ahead of their opponents with a 7-3 record, but despite their figures the playoffs are a rapidly fading dream. They have to win their last six games just to finish with a .500 record.

The Jets, despite the mistakes, were still in the game at halftime — trailing 24-17. But Buffalo took over in the second half with four straight scores while taking advantage of more miscues to turn it into a rout. “We have to play a zillion times better than the last time we played Buffalo,” Ryan said. “I think that’s safe to say.”

NY Jets   +3.5     39.5   o -110

Buffalo Bills  -3.5   39.5  u -110

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