On Sunday, the Detroit Lions adding to the New England Patriots’ woes highlighted a wild Week 3. Check out our Sunday Roundup along with updated NFL Betting Stats!

Sunday, Sep. 23

New York Jets 17 at Cleveland Browns 21 – Rookie quarterback and Number 1 NFL Draft Pick Baker Mayfield came off the bench and rallied the Browns to their first win in 635 days. Mayfield looks like the real deal.

Denver Broncos 14 at Baltimore Ravens 27 – Denver had no answer for Baltimore’s terrific defense. On offense, Ravens’ quarterback Joe Flacco continues to play well.  

Cincinnati Bengals 21 at Carolina Panthers 31 – You can’t win when your quarterback throws 4 interceptions, which is exactly what Bengals’ QB Andy Dalton did in the loss to the Carolina Panthers.

Oakland Raiders 20 at Miami Dolphins 28 – The Oakland Raiders just don’t have it. Who knows what it is? It could be lack of leadership, lack of a star defensive player, or (gasp!)…coaching.

New York Giants 27 at Houston Texans 22 – Talk about a team that doesn’t have it. The Houston Texans floated down to a 24/1 shot to win the Super Bowl during the off-season. Houston has yet to win a game during the regular season.   

New Orleans Saints 43 at Atlanta Falcons 37 – New Orleans counted on total completions leader quarterback Drew Brees for this win. Brees threw for 396 yards and 3 TDs. He also rushed for a couple of TDs.

Buffalo Bills 27 at Minnesota Vikings 6 – Buffalo managed to beat the Minnesota Vikings on the money line as a +17 dog, pulling off the third biggest upset in NFL history.  

Tennessee Titans 9 at Jacksonville Jaguars 6 – Defense ruled in this one. A thing to notice is that Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota got off the bench, completed 12 of 18 for 100 yards, and rushed for another 51 yards from 7 carries. Mariota beat the Jaguars even though he didn’t throw a TD pass.  

Indianapolis Colts 16 at Philadelphia Eagles 20 – Eagles’ quarterback Carson Wentz successfully returned with a solid performance against the much better than they looked during the off-season Indianapolis Colts. Wentz should only play better from here, meaning before long the Eagles should become NFC Championship contenders again.   

Green Bay Packers 17 at Washington Redskins 31 – Green Bay is 1-1-1 after Washington pummeled them in D.C. on Sunday. Is it time to panic in Green Bay? Maybe, because save for Aaron Rodgers’ Week 1 heroics, the Packers would be 0-2-1.

San Francisco 49’ers 27 at Kansas City Chiefs 38 – Patrick Mahomes demolished a bad San Francisco defense. The 49’ers don’t care about losing. They care about quarterback Jimmy Garappolo who looked to have suffered a season-ending knee injury in the loss.  

Dallas Cowboys 13 at Seattle Seahawks 24 – Dallas can’t move the football or score points while Seattle’s offense looked great beating a tired Dallas defense.

L.A. Chargers 23 at L.A. Rams 35 – It should be interesting to see if the Rams can cover the -6.5 against the Minnesota Vikings on Thursday. The Rams have looked great on both sides of the football. No matter what the Vikings’ loss to Buffalo might say, the Rams haven’t yet played a defense as good as Minnesota’s.

Chicago Bears 16 at Arizona Cardinals 14 – The Bears rallied for the win. One thing to notice is that in replacing starter Sam Bradford, rookie quarterback Josh Rosen actually looked decent. Rosen could have more success in Week 4 against Seattle’s defense.

New England Patriots 10 at Detroit Lions 26 – Why did the Patriots make the trade for oft-troubled wide receiver star Josh Gordon? Because without a wide receiver like Gordon, the Pats can’t even move the football much less score touchdowns.

Online bookies should have used their layoff accounts on: Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens, Carolina Panthers, Miami Dolphins, Kansas City Chiefs, Seattle Seahawks, L.A. Rams 

Bookie agents should have set max money line betting limits on: New York Giants, New Orleans Saints, Buffalo Bills, Tennessee Titans, Washington Redskins, Detroit Lions

Things to Keep in Mind to Manage NFL Week 4 Betting

Already, over 70% of sports bettors believe the Rams cover the -6.5 against the Minnesota Vikings in Thursday’s game. Should online bookies use their layoff accounts? It’s up to them, but nobody can say the Vikings didn’t look past Buffalo in the crazy upset loss.

Early NFL Week 4 Betting Predictions and Tips

Make sure to set max money line betting limits on Detroit at +3.5 to beat Dallas. The Cowboys’ defense looked incredibly tired against Seattle.

The Falcons aren’t a lock to cover -5.5 against the Cincinnati Bengals while the Saints do look like a lock to cover -3.5 against the Giants. Consider using your layoff account on Saints at Giants while not using your layoff account on Bengals at Falcons.

NFL Betting Stats Update

Top 5 ATS and Over/Under

  1. Kansas City Chiefs 3-0-0 ATS, 3-0-0 O/U
  2. L.A. Rams 3-0-0 ATS, 1-2-0 O/U
  3. Miami Dolphins 3-0-0 ATS, 2-1-0 O/U
  4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2-0-0 ATS, 2-0-0 O/U
  5. Cleveland Browns 3-0-0 ATS, 1-2-0 O/U

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