We spend so much time dealing with master pay per head agents that sometimes we forget a lot of people don’t understand the ins and outs of running a sportsbook. That’s why in this article, we’re going to break down traditional wager and prop wager management for the biggest, most important, and often most lucrative betting event of the year, Super Bowl 53.

After reading this article, even individuals who have no clue about the sportsbook industry will understand how to use pay per head tools to manage betting on Super Bowl 53. If you’re a master agent and just want a refresher, you’re welcome to read as well!

Super Bowl 53 Against the Spread Odds

Against the spread odds are simply ATS odds. They require players, sports bettors, to decide against the spread on one side or another. Here are the current ATS odds on Super Bowl 53:

New England Patriots             -2.5 -110

Los Angeles Rams                  +2.5 -110

If a player likes the Patriots to beat the Rams by at least 3 points, they wager against the spread on New England at -2.5. The fee is 10%. That’s what online bookie agents make. For every $100 wagered, the bookie collects $10.

If players like the Rams at +2.5, they wager on Los Angeles at +2.5. Those odds say that the Rams can lose to the Patriots by at least 2 points and those players win their wager. The fee’s the same in the above example, but what happens if the line is:

L.A. Rams                               +2.5, -120

The above odds imply that players must pay a 20% fee for the +2.5 points on the Rams. That’s $20 for every $100 wagered. Doesn’t sound crazy, but 20% is a lot, which sort of explains why the Patriots remain favorites in books where the Rams are at +2.5, -120.

Super Bowl 53 Over/Under Total Odds

The same concept we explained in regards to Super Bowl 53 against the spread wagering applies to Super Bowl 53 total wagering. Check out the current odds:

Over    56.5                 -115

Under  56.5                 -115

The odds imply that if bettors wish to wager on over the total, that both teams will score at least a combined 57 points, they must pay a 15% fee. That’s $15 for every $100 wagered. If they wish to bet under the total, they must also pay a 15% fee. However, wagering under the total might be worth it because that’s the way the money’s been going.

Even at 56.5, online bookies might not want to use their layoff accounts. If you’re a bookie starting out, though. Most definitely use your layoff account.

What’s the layoff account? Call a Bettors Net rep to get the scoop. It allows you to lay off money bet on one side of a spread so as to even out wagering. Use your layoff account both ATS and Over/Under Total wagers so that you can pay one side of the spread or total with the money you collect on the other side. By doing so, all fees you collect are pure profit.

Super Bowl Moneyline Odds

Per head agents should see below for current moneyline odds:

New England Patriots             -145

L.A. Rams                               +115

The odds are simple to calculate. If a player wishes to make $100 on the Patriots, they must risk $145. They make $115 on the Rams for every $100 they wish to risk. The bookie, you, pays a premium if the Rams win. If the Patriots win, you pay no premium, but you must still pay out. Oh, and you don’t collect any fees on moneyline wagers.

The tool to use here is called the mass editing tool. Set max betting limits on all moneyline wagers for all your players. Don’t allow any moneyline wagers above what’s comfortable to you. Pro players love to dump on low moneyline wagers like what the Patriots offer.

Risking $145 to make $100 doesn’t sound like great odds. But, when a player’s wagering something like $1,000, the odds aren’t bad at all.

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