NFL Top Rankings

NFL Top Rankings

1Peyton Manning is rolling, but now comes a tough test against the 49ers. Denver has worked its way back to the top spot.1(2)
2Five consecutive victories has the Chargers moving up. They can’t play like they did in Oakland and expect to beat good teams, though.1(3)
3With Carson Palmer back playing, they are again a serious playoff contender. They have to deal with a lot of injuries on defense, which is tough.2(5)
4Going into Seattle and pushing around the Seahawks was impressive. Where did they find that defense?3(7)
5What we saw against the Giants was the offense we expected to see all season. They head to the bye week in a good way.1(6)
6They’ve shown some vulnerability this season. They can’t win with 200 yards of offense like they had against Dallas.5(1)
7If Colin Kaepernick can play like he did against the Rams, the 49ers will be tough to beat. Now comes a tough test at Denver.1(8)
8What has happened to the defense? It sure hasn’t looked strong the past two weeks.4(4)
9It’s amazing the warts on this team that Andrew Luck covers up. He is in the MVP race for sure.(9)
10As long as Aaron Rodgers is throwing passes, they are the team to beat in their division. They have to be concerned about the corner injuries.(10)

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