Sportsbook operators that utilized per head software tools profited again in NFL Week 10. As always, we run down the happenings in each game along with the teams bookmakers should have utilized their layoff accounts for and teams online bookies should have set max betting limits for.

Thursday, Nov. 8

Carolina Panthers 21 at Pittsburgh Steelers 52 – Carolina got some love heading into their matchup with Pittsburgh last Thursday night. The Steelers weren’t feeling any love for the Panthers. This one was over almost before it started with Pittsburgh jumping to a huge lead. These types of games are why we created the layoff account.  

Sunday, Nov. 11

Detroit Lions 22 at Chicago Bears 34 – Although Detroit outplayed the Bears in the second half, the damage had been done. Chicago’s offense has become one of the best in the NFL under head coach Matt Nagy. Detroit’s not a bad team and the Bears dominated the Lions in the first half.

Washington Redskins 16 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3 – Many pay per head agents used their line mover to adjust the spread after Tampa popped up as a -3 favorite. Odds makers and bettors still aren’t taking Washington seriously even though after the win against Tampa they moved to 6-3.

Atlanta Falcons 16 at Cleveland Browns 28 – No doubt, bookmakers that shunned their layoff accounts made a killing. More than 70% of NFL handicappers favored the Falcons at -4. Cleveland dominated Atlanta in every phase of the game.

Arizona Cardinals 14 at Kansas City Chiefs 26 – Kansas City entered Week 10 a -16.5 favorite. Here’s another where shunning the layoff account made sense. The Cardinals have a decent defense while Kansas City showed some wear and tear on both sides of the football. A huge matchup in Week 11 against the Rams in Mexico City looms for the Chiefs.

New England Patriots 10 at Tennessee Titans 34 – The Patriots are a solid group, but they proved that they might not be as big of a lock to represent the AFC in the 2019 Super Bowl like so many believed they are. Tennessee’s surging, though, so sportsbook operators want to be cognizant of spreads on the Titans.

New Orleans Saints 51 at Cincinnati Bengals 14 – New Orleans’ victory made it 8 in a row both straight up and against the spread. The Saints are the top team in the NFL heading into their Week 11 matchup with Philadelphia. New Orleans has already beaten Minnesota and the L.A. Rams. A win over Philadelphia means the Saints will have taken down the 3 NFC favorites to win the Super Bowl at the beginning of the season.  

Buffalo Bills 41 at New York Jets 10 – Wow’s the only way to describe how Buffalo dominated the Jets as a +7.5 road dog in Week 10. The Jets most definitely must look in the mirror after this loss.

Jacksonville Jaguars 26 at Indianapolis Colts 29 – The Colts entered halftime a 29-16 leader. Jacksonville thoroughly outplayed Indianapolis in the second half, but it meant nothing because Indy won the game.

Miami Dolphins 12 at Green Packers 31 – Some teams just can’t get it right. Miami rues the day it rid itself of the great Don Shula. Since then, the Fins have been a mess of an organization. Green Bay looked good beating a bad team at home.

L.A. Chargers 20 at Oakland Raiders 6 – Are Oakland fans happy that the Raiders have acquired 3 Round 1 Draft picks by mortgaging the season? Oakland’s a mess in every way imaginable. No idea what the franchise is doing. But, hey, maybe it works out and the Raiders win the Super Bowl in 2026.

Dallas Cowboys 27 at Philadelphia Eagles 20 –  Most NFL handicappers thought Philly might dominate the Cowboys. In fact, every NFL analyst talking head had the Cowboys losing by around 10 points. Nope. Maybe, the fork should go into the tender Eagles who just aren’t as good this season as they were last season.

Seattle Seahawks 31 at L.A. Rams 36 – Once again, a team fell short rallying against the L.A. Rams. Also once again, the Rams were overplayed and failed to cover the spread.


Monday, Nov. 12

New York Giants 27 at San Francisco 49ers 23 – Eli’s spectacular rally win over the San Francisco 49ers doesn’t mean much in the short-term. It was only NYG’s second win. In the long-term, it could mean a lot.


Online bookies should have used their layoff accounts on: Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Bears, New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers, L.A. Chargers


Bookie agents should have set max moneyline betting limits on: Washington Redskins, Cleveland Browns, Tennessee Titans, Buffalo Bills, Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants.  

Things to Keep in Mind to Manage NFL Week 11 Betting

The Eagles travel to New Orleans to battle the hot Saints. No matter by how many points the Saints are favored, per head agents must use their layoff accounts.

Tennessee is a dog on the road against Indianapolis. The Titans should win that game straight up. So, set max betting limits on the moneyline.

Dallas is a dog on the road against Atlanta. The Falcons are reeling. Set max betting limits on the Cowboys to win straight up.

NFL Betting Stats Update

Top 5 ATS and Over/Under

  1. Kansas City Chiefs 8-2-0 ATS, 5-4-1 O/U
  2. New Orleans Saints 7-2-0 ATS, 5-4-0 O/U
  3. Chicago Bears 6-3-0 ATS, 6-3-0 O/U
  4. Pittsburgh Steelers 6-3-0 ATS, 6-3-0 O/U
  5. Washington Redskins 6-3-0 ATS, 3-6-0 O/U

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