Miami Dolphins vs Saints

Miami Dolphins vs Saints

The 2013-2014 NFL regular season could not be better, only four weeks into the action and we are able to spot what teams have a bright future ahead of them. For example,  Kansas City, New England, Denver and Seattle remain untouched while New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers are facing tough times.

Many NFL New York fans are wondering what is happening, but after Sunday’s defeat 31-7 at Kansas City, the Giants seem to be walking away from the right path to recovery.

On the other hand, Detroit Lions managed a strong victory over Chicago Bears. This certainly means a great deal for Detroit as the teams is one in first place in the NFC North.

Another thriller game was that of Ravens versus Bills which despite Flacco´s efforts he just threw a career-worst five interceptions. Baltimore lost to Buffalo Bills 23-20.

Tonight´s NFL Monday night game at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome brings the Miami Dolphins and the New Orleans Saints face to face. The betting odds favorite the Saints at -5.5 while Miami stands at the underdog but with high expectations to deliver a fantastic game.

On a different note, the European Premier League delivered some exciting action as both favorites Manchester City and Manchester United lost to their western opponents while Arsenal and Liverpool managed to pull solid wins.

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