We don’t call it NFL Wildcard Weekend for nothing! After four amazing games, the Indianapolis Colts, Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Chargers and Philadelphia Eagles move on in the NFL Playoffs while the Houston Texans, Seattle Seahawks, Baltimore Ravens, and Chicago Bears head home to watch the proceedings on their televisions.

Check out a recap of each game along with some thoughts on how bookies can use pay per head software heading into this weekend’s NFL Divisional Playoffs!

NFL Wildcard Weekend Results

Indianapolis Colts 21 at Houston Texans 7

The Colts had been playing great football leading up to their wildcard victory over the Houston Texans. What’s amazing about the game is how the spread dived from Indianapolis +3 all the way to Indy +1.5.

Bettors cut it in half. Colts at Texans is the perfect example of why bookies must set max betting limits on both moneylines as well as using their layoff accounts no matter which team produces the most action.

How did the Colts upset the Texans? Too much Andrew Luck and Marlon Mack. The Colts have a sensational offensive line and quarterback Luck and running back Mack dominated Houston’s defense.

Seattle Seahawks 22 at Dallas Cowboys 24

Seattle had their chances. The Seahawks, a +2.5 dog, could have gotten the ball back and the Cowboys only up 17-14. But, two costly defensive penalties on two key third down plays kept Dallas’ drive alive. The Cowboys took advantage.

The Cowboys pretty much closed the door on Seattle with 2:08 remaining after Dak Prescott rushed it in for a touchdown. Dallas will take on the L.A. Rams at the Coliseum next week.

Pro bettors had this one right. Most casual bettors put their money behind the Seahawks. So much so that the Seahawks fell to a +1.5 spread from a +3 spread. Pro bettors saw this and jumped onto the Cowboys. The line ended up at Cowboys -2.5, which means pro bettors lost out by half a point.

The total also went over by 3. Knowing they had the game pretty much won, Dallas played a loose defense in Seattle’s final drive. The Cowboys just didn’t want to make mistakes.

L.A. Chargers 23 at Baltimore Ravens 17

Baltimore had beaten the Chargers rather easily in a Week 16 road game. That’s why shortly before kickoff on Sunday, pro players pounded the Ravens up to -3 favoritism from a -2 spread. Bad move because the early money on Los Angeles had been the smart money.

L.A. jumped out to a 9-0 lead. Although Baltimore had a chance to steal the win on their final drive, they only had 30 seconds left. The Chargers easily looked like the better team from beginning to end.

Philip Rivers and the Bolts are a win in New England away from heading to the AFC Championship.

Philadelphia Eagles 16 at Chicago Bears 15

It took all of Nick Foles’ magic and a missed field goal by the Chicago Bears in the final 5 seconds for the reigning Super Bowl Champions to move on in the playoffs. Foles led the Eagles to a touchdown drive with less than a minute left on the clock.

Although Chicago had only a single timeout, the Eagles couldn’t make the 2-point conversion. That gave Chicago a chance to win the game. If you’re a Bears’ fan, what’s next is sad. Kicker Cody Parkey made the game winning field goal, but right before Chicago snapped the ball, the Eagles had called timeout.

On the next kick, Parkey hit the upright, the ball bounced onto the cross-bar, and fell onto the wrong side of the bar. It was the fifth time this season Parkey had hit the upright.

NFL Divisional Playoffs Look Ahead

With Chicago out, the Eagles will land in New Orleans on Sunday for a battle with the Saints. New Orleans dominated Philadelphia 48-7 during the season, but the Eagles will play better on Sunday. Use the layoff account.

Also, make sure to set max betting limits on all four NFL Divisional Playoff games. Competition is too tough in the playoffs to make pay per head agent decisions to boost profit. It’s about ensuring profit.

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