Heading into December, some strange things are going on in the NHL. The Buffalo Sabres rest in first place atop the loaded Atlantic Division. What’s so strange about Buffalo’s first place record is that preseason Stanley Cup favorite Tampa Bay’s in second place. The Boston Bruins, another preseason Cup fave, is also atop the division.

Agents who wish to manage action on NHL must use pay per head software to ensure profit. Keep reading for a list of he Top 5 NHL teams in terms of money won along with where they are in the NHL Season and how to manage future bets on those teams.

Top 5 NHL Betting Teams

  1. Buffalo Sabres 16-8

Although the Sabres boast a .667 win percentage, NHL bettors haven’t yet jumped on Buffalo. They’ve gone off at underdog odds in more games than where they’ve gone off as favorites. Buffalo could continue to surprise and win as a dog, but, more than likely, they’ll start losing games.

Right now, the best course of action is to set max betting limits on the Sabres when they show up as dogs. If they show up as favorites, allow more money to go onto Buffalo.

  1. New York Islanders 12-10

The Islanders are another surprise team. Like Buffalo, NYI has won games on the moneyline as a big underdog. That’s why even though they’re only 12-10, they’ve scored huge profits for their consistent backers.

Online bookies should check player reports and see if they can pinpoint whom those major backers are. They can then go ahead and either set specific max betting limits on those players, overall max betting limits for all players, or simply allow betting to resume as normal. Like the Sabres, odds should catch up to the Islanders.

  1. Nashville Predators 16-7

The Predators have been one of the top teams in NHL since the season began. There doesn’t appear to be any softness with Nashville because they’ve shown a profit on both the road and at home. Agents should set max betting limits any time the Predators hit the ice as either a small less than even money favorite, up to -150, or an underdog.

Nashville’s too good of a team to mess around with. The Predators could cost agents a lot of profit. Don’t fool with them.

  1. Toronto Maple Leafs 16-8

Toronto’s the team to consider using to gain massive profit. The Leafs are only 7-5 at home as of Nov. 25. Heading into December, Toronto is -177 units. If the unit were $10 per wager, a bettor would be down $177 if they had bet on every Toronto home game.

Allow as many home wagers on Toronto as your comfortable with. Until the Maple Leafs prove that they can make a profit in home games, there’s no reason not to let money on Toronto to pour into your sportsbook.

  1. Tampa Bay Lightning 16-7

Overall, the Leafs have made bettors more money than what the Lightning have made. That’s why Toronto ranks ahead of Tampa Bay. But, from a per road and home profit stand point, Tampa’s been the better wager. The Lightning show a profit in both home and road games.

Pay per head agents should use software to set max betting limits on all Tampa matches whether road or home. Tampa’s the Eastern Conference version of the Nashville Predators. They’ll win games from now until the end of the regular season. Set max betting limits to ensure profit.

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