The NHL hockey playoffs are on the best moment right now as the East Conference found their winners and the west Conference will resolve that this week. The playoffs are entering into their final path as the conference finals will probably start this week, to then start with the Stanley Cup finals that will be held between the best team of the East Conference and the best team of the West Conference.

At this point anything could happen, mainly because the East has two great teams that had an easy run through the playoffs, Boston and Pittsburg both one the series 4-1 and are now waiting to start the final for the East Conference.

On the other hand we have a completely different story, if the two best teams of East Conference had it easy through the series; the West conference was completely the opposite. As an example we have the series between Chicago and Detroit tied 3-3. They played game 6 yesterday were Chicago was favorite for the hockey gambling lines on a final push to force game 7. Even though the game was taking place at Detroit, Chicago was favorite -165. They are desperate to have a spot on the West Conference finals.

The Redwings and the Blackhawks will be playing game 7 on Wednesday. If you want to bet NHL lines take a look at this ones, as Chicago is now favorite -215 and at home, this will give the an extra push since they are going through a good momentum. They need to take advantage because anything could happen.

Game 7 will take place today between the Los Angeles Rangers and the San Jose Sharks for a series that are tied at 3 as well and will define today who will take a spot for the Conference finals. Los Angeles is at home and looks favorite on this final game -155, but anything can happen. Both of the teams have been giving a good fight for that final spot and are inspired. Rumors says that Los Angeles have a good chance to take one of the spots for the West Conference finals. They have been playing great on the last games even though they started the series down 2-0.

NHL wagering odds are suggesting that the possible winners to dispute the West Conference will be Chicago and Los Angeles. We will need to wait and see since anything could happen at this point both having game 7 as a tie breaker game.

East Conference will start their finals on the weekend as they enjoy the break while the West Conference decides their two spots for their finals.

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