A very interesting Wednesday night for the hockey playoffs; as the playoffs are at middle road for the Stanley Cup finals, the teams are giving their best to win a spot. The games have been very tight and as the series advance there is no winner still and anything could happen.

The New York Rangers had an important victory last night. Playing at home is always an advantage and New York took it, even though it was a though game and they were coming from a horrible defeat from Washington on game 2 , at the end they won the game. They are heading to Washington were the Capitols are looking to be favorites as they are hosting game 4.

Most of the sports books the NHL playoff gambling is very active and they are having the Rangers as favorites by 11/2 and -140 on the money line. This means that they will need at least 2 goals to cover the spread. For total the line is over/under 5, under is the favorite as the final scores have been low on the latest games.

In the case of the Ottawa Senators and the Montreal Canadians, the Senators have a perfect record when they lead the playoff series 3-1, and Ottawa is giving the benefit to Montreal as they have not  win 3 games in a row since the 2007 playoffs. Sports books are setting Montreal as the favorite as it looks like most of the players will bet on hockey lines and will look for the Canadiens who are favorite -130.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are looking like favorites on the NHL playoff gambling for most of the sports books. The Islanders have a record of 5-2 when playing at home in the last games and the Penguins of 8-1, additionally New York record against Pittsburgh is 5-22, this said, Pittsburgh is favorite -260 and the over under 6. We can suggest a parlay with Pittsburgh and the over can be a winner.

For the playoffs between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Minnesota Wild, were Chicago is taking the lead, the Blackhawks will attempt to pass since they will be playing at home and taking advantage that Minnesota has a pretty bad record for games on the road winning just 17 of 35 games, the favorite has been set on Chicago -280.

The Detroit Redwings and the Anaheim Ducks have the series tied 2-2. The games have been very tight. Anaheim is playing at home and has been set as the favorite for game 5 -140.

The Los Angeles Kings are not ready to leave the playoffs yet against the Saint Louis Blues. They entered game with a deficit of 3-1 on the series, the Blues were set as favorites -129 but failed to the Kings who won the game 4-2.


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