At, our agents are used to receiving the very best in customer service. But were always thinking of ways to help pay per head agents who may not know who we are or agents that may have had a bad experience working with a per head company in the past.

That’s why we’re offering half off our pay per head software with our November Bookie Promo. The usual cost of our software is $13.00 per head. For November, you and all your online bookie friends can have access to our software for only $6.50 per head. That’s 50% off our usual rate. You should take advantage of this Half Off Promo at   

The promo is for both standard package agents as well as those agents looking to sign-up for the premium package. By signing up, you’ll have access to the incredible software that runs the absolute best PPH dashboard in the industry. Don’t believe us?  Check out some of the features that make our dashboard different from our competitors: dashboard features:

  • User-friendly – Have you ever logged onto a per head interface only to discover that it’s impossible to navigate? The dashboard is incredibly user friendly.
  • Easy to use pre-set layouts – Since the management team at is made up of former successful bookies, our pre-set layouts are designed specifically with online bookies in mind.
  • Fully customizable – We offer over 15+ reports that per head agents can review from our dashboard. You can also decide how you want to view information. is also all about our agent partners’ success. We want you to create and run a successful online bookie business. Here are some other features for our agents:

  • Mass Editing Tool – This tool allows our agents to mass edit all their players at a single time. Saving time saves money.
  • Schedule Limit Override – This tool allows our pay per head agents to set circle limits on a schedule for a sport, period or profile. An example would be allowing a $100 betting limit on Sunday afternoon NFL games for about an hour before kick-off.
  • Layoff Account – One of the best ways to mitigate financial risk as a bookmaker is to layoff wagers.

The quicker you act, the more you are going to save. The Half Off Per Head Promo is available all through November. Make sure to sign-up on the website today. Or, if you prefer, you can call 888-978-0688.