After the NFL Regular Season and the NFL Playoffs, we’ve finally arrived to the big game! Super Bowl LI is this Sunday, Feb. 5. The participants are the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots. Online bookie agents are hard at work servicing both pro and casual players that wish to bet against the spread, or over/under the total.

But, there’s also a popular future bet on which bookmakers may need to control the action. See below for the three Super Bowl LI MVP favorites as well as information on what bookmakers should do to manage the action on those favorites.

Super Bowl MVP Odds


Tom Brady                  -125

Matt Ryan                   +150

Julio Jones                   +800

If pay per head agents haven’t yet seen action on Terrific Tom Brady to win Super Bowl MVP this Sunday, they should soon. Brady offers what many future players consider better than fair odds. -125 on what some NFL analysts are calling the best quarterback to ever play the game are excellent odds.

The same goes for Matt Ryan, Atlanta’s QB, at +150. For those handicappers who are backing Atlanta on the moneyline, the +150 odds on Ryan to win the MVP are great odds. Jones at +800 should also garner some action.

To manage all the action on the three favorites, bookmakers should do a couple of things. First, online bookie agents might want to set a schedule limit override on Super Bowl MVP betting. What this will do is allow bookies to shut off betting altogether for a set amount of time. Or, bookmakers can shut off betting on the favorites for a set amount of time to encourage betting on the other Super Bowl MVP interests. It depends on how much action pay per head agents have taken on the three favorites.

The second thing that bookmakers want to do is to set max betting limits on all the NFL stars offering odds to win Super Bowl MVP. Agents should set max betting limits per their bookmaking operations. They shouldn’t set limits based on the limit that one of their peers has placed. Agents can set max betting limits to all their players at once via the mass editing tool.

Using the mass editing tool to set max betting limits on Super Bowl MVP could be necessary for most online bookie agents since New England is such a popular team while Atlanta has the highest-scoring offense in the NFL, which makes them popular.

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