The 2016 Breeders’ Cup World Thoroughbred Championship 2-day festival takes place this weekend. On Friday, 4 BC races are run. On Saturday, the other 9 BC races are run. There are good reasons for pay per head agents to schedule player limits for Breeders’ Cup races.

See below for those reasons. There’s also a specific tool, available on, that our agents can use to mitigate risk.

Sharp Horseplayers Wait for Breeders Cup

The sharp horseplayers wait for Breeders’ Cup. The reason being is because during the Breeders’ Cup pools swell to an enormous size. A lot of casual horseplayers show up and bet Breeders’ Cup races the same way that casual players bet on Triple Crown races. All that casual money is out there for sharps to gobble up.

If a racebook agent has any sharp horseplayers, setting schedule player limits on Breeders’ Cup Races is a must. The biggest reason why is because of the traditional BC payouts. Due to the fact so much money lands in the pools, the payouts for Breeders’ Cup Races are usually much higher than they would be for a typical stakes race on a Saturday afternoon.

Per head racebook agents don’t partake in the total pool the way that the racetracks and companies like TVG, BetAmerica, and Twin Spires do. TVG, Twin Spires, the various racetracks throughout the country, split up a percentage of the total pool. They don’t care who wins or losses. Whatever money goes into the pool, the same percentage is applied dependent on contracts.

But for the online bookie, he or she could be on the hook for hundreds of dollars or more to a single player from a single bet. That’s because racebook agents pay track odds on Breeders’ Cup races.

Mass Editing Tool:  Effortlessly Schedule Player Limits

The best way for pay per head agents to mitigate financial risk and exposure is to set player limits. A lot of times setting player limits can be an arduous task. That’s why we now offer a Mass Editing Tool. The Mass Editing Tool allows you to set player limits for all your players at one time. The tool will come in handy for Breeders’ Cup Races.

Make no mistake, your sharp horseplayers have already decided on which BC Races their going to commit $100, $200 or possibly even $500 to. Most agents and online bookies don’t have the funds to cover track odds on a $200 trifecta hit on a Breeders’ Cup Race. There’s no doubt that our agents are going to use the Mass Editing Tool to risk exposure and prevent financial ruin.

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