The second most important betting event in the United States takes place in a few weeks. Soon, 64 college basketball teams hit the hard court for the annual NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, often referred to as March Madness. This blog discusses the live bet ticker.

Why is the Live Bet Ticker a Necessary Tool for March Madness?

A total of 67 games will be played during the NCAA Tournament. If agents count games played during other tournaments, the NIT as an example, over 100 college basketball games are played during March Madness. The NIT and the NCAA Tournament alone provides 96 individual college basketball games.

That’s an incredible amount of live betting opportunities available to casual and pro players. Pro players, no doubt, are going to cherry pick the games that they wager live. Casual players might decide to live bet games that they can watch on television. Either way, lots of opportunities exist for not only casual and pro players, but also for per head agents to gain revenue.

What Features of the Live Bet Ticker Make It Necessary?

Software tools are only as good as their features. The live bet ticker offers features that provide agents a leg up and over their competition. Check out a couple of features of the live bet ticker that bookmakers must use during March Madness.

Agents can filter by amounts or risk or win – This is a powerful feature that allows agents to quickly see what games their players are live betting. Master agents can also see what a sub-agent’s players have wagered.

More importantly, bookmakers can see how much money they stand to win, or is at risk, via this feature. Why is that important? If a master agent can’t manage live bets, what good is it to offer live bets?

Agents can delete bets via the live bet ticker – Once pay per head agents have figured out the March Madness games that their players have pounced on, it’s time to decide whether to delete some of those wagers.

Deleting wagers is necessary to managing live betting. Perhaps, a player in too deep with an agent has just made a massive live bet on one side of a March Madness game spread. Deleting the live bet not only protects the online bookie, it also protects the player.

Agents might want to delete live bets on a specific game just to manage the game. One thing PPH agents must remember is that the layoff account isn’t available to agents once a game starts. The live bet ticker is the only tool available to agents to manage live bets.

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