March Madness betting contests are all the rage. ESPN, CBS Sports, Fox Sports, Yahoo, name the organization and they’re likely to run a betting contest. Pay per head agents can also run a betting contest during March Madness. In fact, running a betting contest is a great way to create loyalty.

What are March Madness Betting Contests?

Traditionally, there are a couple of different March Madness betting contests. The first contest, the one that no per head agent in his right mind would run, involves the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Perfect Bracket. A perfect bracket is exactly what it says, perfect. Someone who plays this contest hopes to win a gargantuan amount of money, usually at least $1,000,000, to come up with the perfect Tournament Bracket. In all the years that companies have run this contest, I haven’t heard of a single winner.

The second contest hands out prices for contestants that gets deepest into his or her bracket. All companies offer a different prize structure with more money going to the contestant that goes furthest in the tournament.

How do March Madness Contests Create Loyalty?

First, it’s easy to run your own March Madness Bracket Pool on any site that offers a free March Madness Bracket Pool Contest. Most sites offer this. Just set up the pool, and send your players information on how they log onto your contest.

The way to create loyalty is simple. You, as the master agent, can add money to any one of your player’s wagering accounts. Offering a $500 prize to the first-place winner in your March Madness Contest, the person who goes deepest in their bracket, is a good way to create loyalty. Agents can even create a contest winning structure just like the one found on the Internet.

This type of tournament works best with casual players. It takes pressure of them from betting on every single game. But, no doubt, it encourages live betting on games. Since casual players are interested in winning the $500-dollar prize, they’ll watch the NCAA Tournament. Casual players prefer to live wager on games that they watch.

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